I work too damn hard for how little money I make. My car needs so many repairs, I can barely afford my super cheap rent, I can’t afford the books for my classes this semester, I can’t afford a haircut or new clothes or new shoes.

Meanwhile the lazy servers I work with are complaining about making less than $200 a night. I want to shoot myself at this point.

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and I disintegrate, ‘cause this hate is fucking real

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"How Do I Selfie (FACESMUSH RMX)" by Ju$tin feat. Bear the Dog

I wonder if next summer will bring bossa nova and tiki bars…

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Versace Mens Spring/Summer 2015, Details.
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Black people make the cutest accessories! #thatsfuckedup @fancysteakdinner

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I know this won’t last forever…

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So addicted to this song.

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GUAIzine at #PITTIUOMO86  
#PHOTO by male® #June ‘14
Sir. @NickWooster wearing @LardiniOfficial 

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This is what I want.


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